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  Draftsman 1.2 Gallery

CS and higher

  AV Bros. Draftsman 1.2 is an Adobe® Photoshop® JavaScript utility and can only be used with Adobe Photoshop CS and higher.

  Using this script you can quickly and easily create a constant and/or variable repetitious linear structure (grid) that consists of either vertical and/or horizontal lines. The grid is created as the selection.

  We believe that one of the most boring and time-wasting of Photoshop's routines (preparing the various grids) has become easy and fast, as it has never been before, thanks to our utility's convenient user interface and the plethora of adjustments.

Please review the script's complete List of Features provided below.
List of Features:
  • The ability to specify the width of the lines and the space between lines.
  • The ability to specify the various types of the distribution of lines:
     - Fixed
     - Random
     - Progressive
  • The ability to specify the initial offset and the desired part of the document within which you want the grid to be created.
  • The ability to choose the direction of the distribution of lines.
  • The ability to create only vertical or only horizontal lines.
  • The ability to specify up to 20 modules(*) for the distribution of either Vertical lines and/or Horizontal lines.
  • The ability to specify the number of repetition for any module, regardless of the type of the distribution of lines.
  • The ability to use the syntax(**) while creating the desired distribution of lines.
  • The ability to copy the values, which you have specified for either group of lines (e.g. vertical lines), to another group of lines with just one click.
  • The ability to turn ON/OFF the anti-aliasing option for either Vertical or Horizontal Selections.
  • The ability to choose one of the following modes for combination with your Photoshop document's current selection, while creating the grid:
     - New Selection
     - Add to Selection
     - Subtract from Selection
     - Intersect with Selection
  • The ability to Save/Load current settings for further use.
* The Module: a line and the space between this line and the next one are called the Module. The width of the line and value of the space are the Module’s parameters. The number of Modules, of which the Grid may consist, depends on the settings of AV Bros. Draftsman 1.2.

** The Syntax: the specific rules that you should obey while entering the parameters of the Width and/or Space of the Module are called the Syntax.

AV Bros. Draftsman 1.2 works under Adobe Photoshop CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4, which is either for Mac OS X (v10.1 and higher) or Windows (98 and higher).
User Interface (as viewed when using Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows XP):
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