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We receive a number of letters every day, and a good part of them contain at least a couple of words that express the sender's attitude towards our products and service. We have decided to place some of the opinions below. You may find reading them helpful. We want to thank everyone who has found the time to write to us, because their kind words are VERY important to us!!
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About: Page Curl Pro
From: Tim Grey
The fine folks at AV Bros. have come up with yet another cool filter plug-in for Photoshop. This one is called "Page Curl", and it allows you to create a remarkably realistic curl effect at one of the corners of an image. They have a number of samples in the gallery at, but those are mostly graphic-design driven. If you have any interest in this sort of effect, I'd strongly recommend that you download the demo version and try it on one of your own images. It is pretty impressive, and lots of fun, though I don't imagine you'll start putting a curled edge on every photo!
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Philip Clevenger (Adobe Senior Interface Designer (Lightroom))
...I have made a living using Photoshop since it was in its infancy, and have developed many plug-in products for it. But I do not use these products in my own work, or in fact any other plug-ins - I still prefer to do all my artwork manually, for a variety of reasons... so it's always fun when people ask me what plug-ins I use... and I always tell them - NONE. Except for one - Page Curl Pro. It's the only product out there that does stuff that I cannot do by hand, at a level of quality commensurate with my needs.

Thanks for the excellent product and the easy customer service.
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Sally Beacham (Author, "Paint Shop Pro 8 Zero to Hero" and "Digital Scrapbooking")
Page Curl Pro 2.0 is simply THE best page curl, twist, bend and fold option there is. The feature set is outstanding, the interface is tight, interesting and well-designed, and the output is amazing. Once again, a job well-done!
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Michael Barlow (Associate Artistic Director, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre)
I've been meaning to send you my thanks for some time now...
I purchased Page Curl two years ago to create projected imagery for a theatre production. It was a HUGE help to me in creating a number of sequences in which a man folds a drawing into an origami bird and then launches the bird into the air. The show "The Arrival" won best theatre production in Western Australia in 2006 and is touring nationally this year. The animated projection that Page Curl Pro helped to create was nominated for best design and I have had an enormous amount of positive feedback about it.

Thank you for your great product.
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Frank Slegers
I played around a little with the Page Curl Pro 2.2 plugin and I must say, it does exactly what the name says: It curls pages.
After a few minutes I was already curling my favorite photos. The control panel for the plugin is easy to use, intuitive and fast and all curling settings can be controlled with easy sliders.
I'm happy with it and there's nothing else similar out there!
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Hans D. Gregor   Hannover, Germany 
...kann allen, die sich mit der Absicht tragen, Ihr Produkt (Page Curl Pro 2.2) zu kaufen, nur dazu raten. Auch ohne Englischkenntnisse ist das Programm problemlos zu bedienen. Die Installation ist auch sehr einfach gelöst. Mit dem 1.Aufruf von Photoshop kann man es ganz einfach freischalten - ein tolles Produkt!

English version provided by the author: I can advise anyone who is thinking about buying your product just to do it! Even without English knowledge the program is easy to use. It is also very easy to install – a great product!
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Enrique Flouret
Just one word: AMAZING!
I've downloaded it and tried it... It is an incredible plugin and there is nothing similar being sold right now.
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Magno Urbano
Simply spectacular!
You at AV BROS are becoming completely crazy!
That real-time preview is fantastic!
The render quality is superb. I use it at 300 dpi and the quality was astonishing...
Perspective, bump, lighting...
You at AVBROS are disgusting!!!
Excellent job!
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Marcee Duggar (Senior Designer)
I have to say this is just one amazing filter. I am a digital scrapbook designer and I use your program in my work regularly. Thank you for designing a filter that in my opinion is the best there is!!
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Lisa Bowman   Florida, USA  Digital Design Den
I am a designer for Digital Design Den and your product (Page Curl Pro, AV Bros.) is FANTASTIC. I created a beautiful ribbon in 5 minutes without ever having used this before. I've only started "designing" [digital scrapbook kits] and struggled for hours trying to get it "just right" and your plug-in did it in seconds!
Make more!!!
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Constantin Malkov   Moscow, Russia 
Just want to say some words about my impressions from one of Your products...
"Page curl Pro" is an awesome plugin. Useful and Easy in use, Fast, Functional, Well designed and very effective.
Finally - out of any competition and one of the most quality programs.
P.S. Same words about Puzzle Pro
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Katrina Ruban (ArtGrafx)
Purchased your new AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.0 Plugin a few days ago and it is fantastic. Our company, ArtGrafx, specializes in Turn of the century design elements.
Thank you for this wonderful tool.
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Bette Duganitz   New Jersey, USA 
...I downloaded, installed-no problems. I've been reading User Guide and just started playing with plug-in. It's awesome! I love it!! The possibilities are Fantastic! You guys are the BEST!!
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Robin G. Morgan (Digital Arts Teacher Pine Ridge High School, Deltona, Florida)
I first discovered AV Brothers while searching through Adobe Photoshop resource links. I couldn't believe the quality of the plug-in filters!! I downloaded the demos at several stations for my students to see the results, insisting that they peruse the on-line Gallery for ideas. Soon they were off and running. What more could a teacher want than a jump start for young minds! Your company provides excellent software, with nothing-but-quality interfaces, functionality, and options. I couldn't be happier than to see a student reach for that next level or challenge himself or herself to take that next step—because of what your product offers to them as designers.

Puzzle Pro and Page Curl Pro are just the type of resource programs and plug-ins that open up the "eyes" of my students to better designs. When I require them to use the on-line Gallery for ideas and new approaches, I see new worlds open up and welcome them in, regardless of their young ages. I take seriously the job of guiding and directing their learning—and you've made my job so much easier.

Even though I can only use demos and/or allow my students to use my laptop, with full versions loaded (per my purchase), it is worth every minute of their discoveries. There's NOTHING like seeing the joy when their project is printed, knowing that a family member will soon witness the "baby," too.

From the perspective of a high school digital arts teacher, there's nothing I would appreciate more than the option of buying a site license so that every computer in my Digital Arts Lab would have your software.

Thank you for your excellent achievements in software design—and for making each version better. I applaud your efforts and dedication to enhance the profession. Here's to a job well done!!

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experiences as a high school teacher of design.
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Elizabeth Ferrari   Florida, USA 
Your software is the coolest. Very impressive!
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Hung Q Tran   Maryland, USA 
I bought the previous version and just upgrade to this latest one. I enjoyed your plug-in very much. Thanks for this useful one.
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Hans Jaspers   Netherlands 
I've installed the PRO version and it's fantastic!
About: Page Curl Pro
From: Albert Sheppard   California, USA 
You program is outstanding...
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Lomas Chris   Alberta, Canada 
Keep up the good work. It's nice to see truly original, feature rich plugins that amateur photographers can afford.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Shane Dale , Art Director of Catalyst Direct   New York, USA
Brilliant! Your software works great! Awesome control, easy to use, and result looks very, very professional.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Anamaria Weston   Connecticut, USA 
...I work on my children's elementary school yearbook with a number of other moms. We create pages in the yearbook using photos of the kids doing activities throughout the year. We created a collage that we used your software to puzzlize (our new word). It was so easy and enjoyable to use your software. I was able to cut the pieces and then manipulate certain pieces to avoid cuts through student's faces. It was very intuitive to use and we all loved the result.

Thanks so much for creating a great piece of software!
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Sonja E. Maul   Netherlands 
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with this plug in. I just made a composition of foto's, to show at my daughter's wedding. I used the puzzle plug in to build the title, revealing it peace bij peace. I shortened the play off time, and now it looks like a film... Great. I know it will be a succes.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Dave Sundberg   Minnesota, USA 
Creating the puzzle pieces with your product is a real time saver! Imagine cutting out all of those shapes without your product, I don't even want to think about it. Once again, great product.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Stephan Heuel   Switzerland 
Thank you for your great software. I am a hobbyist and although $50 seems to be quite high for a specialized software, I have used it with great joy for some private photo projects.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: George McBride
I have and use several other third party plugs for what your Puzzle Pro 2.0 does. But I gotta say, Yours is by far, the best!! I'm Very impressed, ease of use, I give you a 8 or 9...probably would have been better had I had actually read the Users Guide. My fault I didn't. Your Plug-in does everything and more, I'm extremely satisfied with this it.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Welles B. Goodrich
I love Puzzle Pro. Of all the possibilities available to create the puzzle effect in Photoshop, your AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 2.0 is by far and away the best. It is the only one deserving of the term 'Pro'. The virtually infinite capacity to create cutter shapes is perhaps most notable, though the variety of adjustments in the Adjust Mode is equally impressive.
I think perhaps my favorite feature is the ability to 'Save selected pieces as PSD.' That gives me a 'live' capacity to keep manipulating the specific placement of pieces after the completion of the Puzzle Pro cutting.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Dave James (Illustrator - Lakeshore Learning Materials)
What a wonderfully designed program. If everyone worked as hard as you have on this program, computing would always be a pleasure. Great job!
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Clark Freschi
Great Job!
I have downloaded the software and am very impressed by it's potential.
I really like the possibilities.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Tim Grey
I've played with your Puzzle Pro 2.0, and was very impressed!
As you probably know, Photoshop includes a puzzle texture with the Texturizer plug-in, though it is "hidden" so most people don't know it is there. But it doesn't offer any real flexibility, and doesn't even deal with the edge of the photo properly! Your software is very elegant, and provides excellent flexibility...
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Enrique Flouret
I donwloaded your plugin and, what can I say... it is simply amazing. It is an incredible piece of software with an impressive interfaces and very easy to use. Recieve my compliments for this achievement.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Raymond Knoll Ray's Corrections
It is so cool ... and I never say cool (well OK, rarely).
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Harald Heim
Wow! You two did an absolutely amazing job again with Puzzle 2.0! Nice to see that you now have a Mac version of it.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: William Marsh   Virginia, USA 
Many thanks for the Puzzle software. It's truly excellent. I'll recommend it to several of my graphics compatriots.

For some reason (and I know I'm not alone here), I only read manuals after I've tried my hand at the software without really knowing what I'm doing. I've always done that. I did the same with Puzzle, and found it's really quite intuitive for simple constructions. Then I printed out the manual and found there were indeed many possibilities that I hadn't imagined. The advice, naturally: Read the damn manuals!
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Eric Hall
...just upgraded to version 2, and as always this plug-in just drips with quality! Very impressive!!
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Mark Surloff   Florida, USA 
and plug-in UI for Mac is ....Exquisite! Congratulations.
About: Puzzle Pro
From: Harry Stadman   Netherlands 
The new plug-in is just looking great. Also wants to let you know that Puzzle pro 2.0 is now the best puzzle plug-in out there!
About: Service
From: Afram Noia   Illinois, USA 
...You know, It truly a pleasure to deal with you guys, You have the best service ever.
Your Products Are One Of A Kind and One Of The Best Plugins You Could Have...
About: Puzzle Pro and Page Curl
From: Marianne Henriksson   Canada 
My work includes all sorts of design, e.g., web, print and multimedia. I use very few plugins now with Photoshop 7, but yours I wouldn't want to be without. Puzzle Pro and Page Curl are well priced, inspiring in their versatility and attention to detail that shows in the awesome installation dialogs and the user interface.
About: Page Curl
From: James Salmon   United Kingdom 
Page Curl got even better with version 2. I am extremely satisfied with the flexiblity it gives. Your user interface is amongst the best. Please produce more products.
About: Page Curl
From: Michael Kronenberg
I needed a page curl effect. It's been a long time since KPT page curl effect. I didn't even demo it. Just bought it, downloaded it installed it, used it, done in 15 minutes overall! Thank you for Page Curl 2.0. It saved me a whole lot of fussing for my client!
About: Page Curl
From: Leendert van der Ree   Netherlands 
I recently bought Page Curl 2, and I must say I am impressed! I used Page Curl 1.2 for quite a while and was always happy with the results. Page Curl 2.0 has improved a lot and gives so much flexibility. Keep up the good work!
About: Page Curl
From: Ken Longden   California, USA 
I have just recently upgraded to Page Curl v2.0.... you guys are good!!!
About: Page Curl
From: Mark Surloff
Just a couple of thoughts. Yours is the finest page curl app. I've seen, by far. Secondly, your design team did a wonderful and tasteful job on the filter's user interface.
About: Page Curl
From: Welles B. Goodrich
I just purchased Page Curl yesterday and have to say thank you. That is a great plug-in at a fair price. It works flawlessly and has many possibilities. And I should add that your software is an aesthetic pleasure to use as well as being very cleverly written.
About: Service
From: Emmon Scott   Michigan, USA  Arden
Just want to say THANKS! I was under pressure yesterday... You handled this beautifully and really really helped. It was WORLD CLASS customer service, and your product demo is fantastic!
About: Service
From: Robert E. Gannon (Gannon Graphics, LLC)   Wisconsin, USA  site
I have to say that your company is very, very excellent with support response. It is amazing how quickly I can get a question answered and answered in a way that can be understood. Thank you very much and thanks for a great product.
About: Service
From: Esther Barry   California, USA 
Thank you so much, not only for providing top notch, cutting edge programs, but for the best customer support on the net. I'm truly grateful to be one of your users!
About: Service
From: Arlene Buzbee   Ohio, USA 
While I was evaluating the software, I had several questions. I have been completely impressed with the support that I received even though I was only evaluating the software. AV Bros. team was prompt, helpful and courteous. Their support went a long way towards making my decision to purchase the products.
About: Service
From: Klaus Jaetsch   Germany 
This was great! May I give back the compliments, you have the fastest service I ever have seen and it was successful too.
About: Service
From: Alex Fekete
I will be certain give highest recommendations to others relative to your great tech support and product. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. I wish more U.S. companies would follow your exemplary professional service for "Customer Service" and "Support".
About: Service
From: Rhonda Waldrop   Virginia, USA 
I love customer service with a smile and a sense of humor!
About: Service
From: V. Kavalinas   Australia 
Your customer service and products are first-class.
About: Service
From: Matthew Dee   Florida, USA 
Thank you for replying and acting so fast. I will definitely recommend you and do business with you again. It’s nice that there is still an on-line company with good customer service. This has been a huge help for me to complete my project on time.
About: Service
From: Roy Forsyth   New Zealand 
Thanks for the exceptional service!
About: Service
From: Michael Cooperman   Pennsylvania, USA 
thanx for your great support and prompt reply. your products are great!!
About: Service
From: Derek Hoodless   United Kingdom 
...many thanks for the assistance you have given me this morning. I just can't believe how efficient and quick you are. I will have a look at puzzle2 details and will in future have no hesitation in recommending both your products and excellent support.
About: Service and Puzzle Pro
From: Michael D. Hirschman   New York, USA 
Again, thank you for your super fast reply. I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that on first glance the Puzzle plug-in looks awesome.
About: Service
From:  Jane
...Love the program and impressed with your fast customer service. Now I can play all day...
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