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How to make a bow? (by Joske Backer)

In this tutorial, you will be given general directions on how to make a bow like the one above in Paint Shop Pro. The screenshots were made in Paint Shop Pro X. Intermediate knowledge of Paint Shop Pro is required.

Open a new image (200ppi and 1000x1000 pixels in this example). Create a new layer and use the Selection Tool to select a rectangle as shown in the screenshot below: fairly wide and not too high. Fill the selection with a material. Deselect the selection. Make two duplicate layers from this layer: two ribbons will be needed for the bows and one for the curly ribbon below. You are ready to use Page Curl Pro 2.2.

Let's take a look at the unfinished bow in the screenshot below.

Top left in the Bends window you can see we used one fold and two curls. When you look at the Surface dialog in the main window, you see a stripe and two larger areas on each side of it; these are the vertical fold in the middle and a vertical curl on each side.

The unfinished bow in the preview is not placed horizontally; it is at an angle. The dial (spin) in the 3D Transform window determines into which direction the bow points: north, east, south, west, and all in between. The square (azimuth) on the dialog sets its tilt: forward, backward, and all in between.

In the Surface dialog in the main window, LEVEL and RADIUS are the two important settings we are going to need to shape our curl. LEVEL sets the size of the curl on the ribbon, and RADIUS the strength of the bend in the curl.

We're going to start with the fold. Press ADD in the Bends window and check the EFFECT FOLD in the Surface dialog in the main window; also check DIRECTION UP. Delete any other curls or folds in the Bends window. In the main window, set LEVEL at 50 and and FOLDING ANGLE at 135. Use the dial on the Surface dialog to set the angle of the fold at 0 degrees. In the 3D Transform window, set the dial at 0 Spin (east). This will render a vertical fold in the exact center of the ribbon.

The curls on each side of the fold are next. Go to the Bends window and press ADD. Turn the dial on the Surface dialog to 0 to create a vertical curl on the right side of the fold. Go to the Bends window again and once more press ADD. Turn the Surface dial to 180 degrees for this opposite curl.

Now comes the really hard work. The aim is to set LEVEL and RADIUS of each curl just right so that their ends meet. To be able to better see whether they do, set the bow at an angle in the 3D Transform dialog and use HQ PREVIEW underneath the preview window. Making the curls meet is a matter of trial and error adjusting LEVEL and RADIUS.

But finally, you will get there. Here's how a closed bow may look:

And now for the second bow. In the Layers Palette in Paint Shop Pro, activate the middle duplicate layer. The aim is to turn this stretch of ribbon into an opposite bow. This is easy to do, because the settings of the first bow are still in place. All you have to do is set the tilt and direction of the bow at an opposite angle in the 3D Transform window.

This is an example of what you should have at this point:

The bottom ribbon in the bottom layer should have slight curls at its ends:

In the Layers Palette in Paint Shop Pro, activate the bottom layer. Start up Page Curl Pro 2.2. The settings in Page Curl Pro need a little adjusting: delete the fold from the Bends window and lower the LEVEL of the curls somewhat; the RADIUS may need to be turned down too.

This is an example of what you should have at this point:

Now for the center ribbon. In Paint Shop Pro, create a new layer above all the others. Use the Selection Tool set at Triangle to make a selection that will form the center ribbon. Fill the selection with the material you used for the ribbon; with stripes and gradients, make sure its angle is a logical one. When done filling, use the Move and Selection Tool to get this selection into place and to cut off unwanted parts.

Alternately, you can use a regular rectangle selection higher and/or wider than the the point where the bows meet. It won't be easy to estimate the right LEVEL, but you can apply Page Curl Pro 2.2 to either two or all four of the sides of this rectangle: if you want to do four sides, use two turns of Page Curl Pro 2.2.

It may be that the center piece is lighter than the bows because of the Lighting settings you used. In that case, in Paint Shop Pro you can lower the Brightness of the piece:

At this point, finishing the bow becomes a matter of applying shadows and Lighten/Darken in Paint Shop Pro. You can add Drop Shadows on their own layers to the bows, erasing the shadow parts that fall beyond the ribbon below. A narrow Thickness for Lighten/Darken at just the right Rotation will produce the illusion of depth on the center piece and on the bows where they meet the center piece.

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