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Gallery Image A1 - Kind of PRO Magic

Kind of PRO Magic
The Idea
The idea is to take the photo of the opened catalogue and insert a couple of additional pages into it. The pages should have the natural look, but it also should be clear that this is an insertion.

The Plan
Using AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.2 we will fold up the image that will become those artificial pages and then, we will add some curls to it. Once the artificial pages obtain the desired look, we will insert them into the catalogue.

The Pre-Process
Please click here to download the Zip file that contains all files that are necessary for this tutorial. Then unzip the file in order to use the files that are inside.

The Process
As was mentioned in the Introduction and Specific Terms Explanation topic, we have used Adobe Photoshop for preparing our gallery's samples. Any version of Photoshop started from version 7.0 is suitable without any special "corrections" for the host. As for the rest of the supported hosts, please read the mentioned above topic.
Taking into account the fact that this sample does not requires any techniques, which were not described in other tutorials, we decided not go beyond the "Easy Way" description. Well, the slightly enhanced one... Thus, you will find below the explanation of how to prepare "Kind of PRO Magic" using the settings of AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.2 that we have provided.

1. Open both the Catalog_on_BG.jpg and Additional_Page.png documents. Then make a new layer in the Catalog_on_BG document and put Additional_Page in there, somewhere in the center. Here, we'd like to say a few words about the content of Additional_Page.png - a) the content was merged from the screen shot of the Google page and its copy. We assumed that thanks to the fact that the Additional page will be folded and curled, the identity of the content will not be noticeable in our particular case; b) we have adjusted the internet browser window before making the screen shot so its dimensions were similar to the dimensions of the catalog's page (Which was printed on the standard A4 sized pages.) The similarity of the dimensions is just enough, because this way or another, but after making the job inside Page Curl Pro we will need to do some additional corrections of the prepared page's shape for perfect insertion.
Gallery Image A1 - Kind of PRO Magic (Fig1)
2. Start AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.2, then go under the plug-in's Main menu and choose the Load Settings Relative... menu item and load the file (Kind of PRO Magic settings.avcps). Before you click the Apply button and will see the result on Fig.1, please pay attention to the settings of the Content panel of the plug-in. We used the same content for both sides of the page, but the content for the back side was flipped horizontally. That was specially done for keeping the correct look of the text on the page's visible part after folding and curling. And one more nuance - as you can see on Fig.1, (Oh, we assume that you've already clicked the Apply button.) the fold line of the Additional page is almost parallel to the fold line of the Catalog and the perspective look of both of them is also very similar. (That was achieved by adjusting the parameters of the 3D Transform panel.) This similarity is very important for obtaining the natural final look of the design!

3. Now we should shrink just obtained additional pages and insert them into the catalog. The Free Transform tool perfectly suits for this purpose (see Fig.2).
Gallery Image A1 - Kind of PRO Magic (Fig2)

Preparing the Outer Shadow
Gallery Image A1 - Kind of PRO Magic (Fig3)

After applying the transformation, we just need some finishing that includes the simple outer shadow and some shades for obtaining the perfect look of the design. Please take a look at the Fig.3 and you'll see that we simply used the copy of the prepared Additional Page, then colored it black, added the Gaussian blur, added some transparency and finally distorted using the Free Transform tool. As for the shading - it's even simpler! Just a highly blurred and very transparent black rectangle placed in the proper place - next to the fold line of the Additional Page. By the way, you may notice that the shadow that we've prepared here and the one that was prepared for the sample in the Gallery are different. This just means that there are no rigid requirements for this process. And you can easily get the shadows of your own.

After that finishing the design is ready.
Gallery Image A1 - Kind of PRO Magic (Fig4)

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