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How to make a "Non-Complete" Curl?

If you take a look at Fig.1, then you may suppose that the plug-in's settings, which are necessary for preparing samples A and B are completely different. Absolutely NOT! It is just one check box that is selected. If the A sample is the typical turned page, the B sample is what we call a "non-complete" curl... This is a unique option of Page Curl Pro, which allows create some designs that is simply impossible to create without this feature (e.g. A-4 "Clean" Page Curl Pro sample from our on-line gallery or Ralph Eberhard's sample from his article where he's reviewed Page Curl Pro).

AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.x Tutorials - Fig.1

AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.x Tutorials - Fig.2

AV Bros. Page Curl Pro 2.x Tutorials - Fig.2
As follows from the simple math, the maximum length of the curled part of the page, when you make a full turn is 2πR, where π; is approximately equal to 3.14 and R is the radius of the turn. That's fine, but what to do if you want the turned part of the page to be bigger than 2πR and the multi-turned page was not what you were indented to obtain?
For example, you need to bend the page with width about 2000 pixels almost in a half with the turn radius say about 100 pixels. So, if R=100 pixels, then the maximum length of the page that you can curl (without repetitious curls) would be just about 628 pixels. But you need at least 1000 pixels! Here is where the "non-complete" curl is required. Just select the Limit check-box and then, adjust the Surface panel's controls (Including the Limit's value, of course!) to obtain the desired look of the turned page. For example if you set Limit's value to 180 degree, then the turned page will "go" parallel to the main part of the page (see Fig.2). If you specify Limit's value more than 180 degree, then you can easily achieve the result when the curled part of the page cuts into the main part of the page (see Fig.3). Play with the controls and you'll find out that it's fun and easy to get the cool looking design. We just recommend that you enable the Real-Time Preview option (in the Main Preview area) for most convenient previewing if, of course, your computer can "handle that.

And the last note - it's obvious that this option is applicable only for page curling, rather than page folding.

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